Here’s What Happened To Famous Young Stars From The 70s & 80s

The 70s and 80s brought about a new age in Hollywood entertainment, and along with it came several young artists with big dreams and sheer talent.

From the charming Alison Arngrim to the stunning Erin Moran, the decades of the 70s and 80s were undoubtedly filled with bright young talent. However, a career in Hollywood is never guaranteed. With more and more performers coming in every now and then, maintaining a solid foothold in the industry can be highly challenging, especially for young actors. With the ever-changing demands and tight Hollywood competition, it’s no wonder some of these former child stars chose to trek down a different trail other than acting. While some opted to take a degree, others retreated to behind-the-scenes works. Although many are no longer active in front of the camera, some did not completely abandon the entertainment industry. You might even be surprised by some of these former child actors. Here is what some of your favorite child actors from the 70s and 80s are doing now.

Melissa Sue Anderson

Melissa Sue Anderson had been busy appearing on sitcoms like Bewitched and The Brady Bunch before she was cast in Little House on the Prairie. Anderson was able to show more of her acting chops when her character became blind. It was also during this time when she got nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The young star also appeared in the Love Boat as well as other TV movies. The last time she appeared as Mary Ingalls was in 1981.

Anderson left the show when she felt that there was no longer any direction for her character. She hired Jay Bernstein to help her find more mature roles. The actress did land more roles after, but after she tied the knot with Michael Sloan, she cut back on her acting. The two are proud parents to two children and have used their investment money to buy a property in Montreal in 2002.