These Celebrity Ex-Couples May Have Failed Their Marriages But Not In Co-Parenting

They say parenting is hard, but co-parenting with a former lover is probably even harder, and this seems to be a norm in Hollywood. In a place where marriage only lasts for a short while, raising a kid together despite being separated has become the former celebrity couples’ priority. You can ask Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck about that. After ending their more than a decade of marriage, they remain amicable and raise their kids—even if they are no longer together. Sure, we can give them all the credits for that, but several celebrities do the same.

They all prioritize co-parenting for the sake of their children, cooperating with a former lover, no matter how hard it is. Imagine seeing someone casually after crying a pool of tears following your breakup. It is hard, isn’t it? As parents, they know they have to make major sacrifices for their children, and this is a part of it. No matter what happened to their romance, they always have to put their kids first. Meet these commendable celebrity ex-couples who may have failed their marriages but not in co-parenting.

Adele & Simon Konecki

English singer-songwriter Adele signed a recording contract right after she graduated from the BRIT School in the mid-2000s. She shot to fame immediately after releasing her debut album titled 19, which is certified triple platinum in the US. Winning the 2009 Grammy Awards boosted her career, and today, she has three successful albums with awards and credits.

In mid-2011, Adele began dating entrepreneur Simon Konecki, with whom she has a son named Angelo, born in 2012. The lovebirds kept their relationship on the down-low, and it turns out that they had secretly married in 2016. Despite separating in 2019, the two stated that they are committed to raising their son together. The musician then decided to convert into a healthier lifestyle for her son. “She loves her mom life. Her whole mindset changed, and she feels great both physically and mentally,” a source shared in an interview.