Celebrities That Live the Sprawling Mansions

Eddie Murphy

The pinnacle perhaps of an extravagant lifestyle is not owning a jet or a helicopter, but owning an island. And Eddie Murphy has an island not just anywhere, but in the Bahamas. He bought the Rooster Cay Island for $15 million back in 2007. With a net worth of $200 million, this expense was a drop in the bucket. It’s probably a safe bet to say that a financial advisor guided Eddie because he was able to accumulate so much wealth. Apart from this island, Eddie also owns a luxury home in New Jersey worth $30 million.

He appears to like acquiring homes, perhaps as a statement because he grew up in the projects. Apart from the two homes mentioned, he also owns a $10 million lot in Beverly Park. The 3.7-acre lot was underdeveloped when it was bought, but it’s worth every penny because it is situated in the most exclusive and affluent part of Beverly Hills.